Bubbles at Home products are full of vegetable delights. They are of high quality and not tested on animals.

"OH WHAT A HEALING!" products are exceptionally suitable for the care of delicate skins, irritations, eczema, psoriasis and acne. With "NATURE ON YOUR SKIN" we combine natural aromas and pure essential oils. "DIVINE FRAGRANCES" enchant with beautiful and legendary perfume fragrances for men and women.


abessijnse mosterd.png

Abyssinian mustard seed oil
Find it in our nourishing hand cream. A super oil! Moisturizes intensely, protects, softens the skin, reduces wrinkles. For every (sensitive) skin type, even oily skin.


algae extract
Purifying. Stimulates the skin's ability to recover. In the algae soap based on vegetable glycerine and in the night cream.

amandel.jpg almond oil
Nails, hair and body. Pure, in the bath water or as a massage oil ... It is 1 of our top sellers in combination with jojoba oil or in the conditioner.
aloe vera 2.jpg aloe vera extract
This wonderful extract contains vitamin E, nourishes, heals and moisturizes. It is also hypoallergenic and present in natural soap, shower gels and conditioner.
argan noten 2.jpg argan oil
Next Level Moisturizer! Enjoy its sublime properties to the full with the glycerin soap, body butters and the 100% pure argan oil.
avocado wit.jpg avocado oil
Even our bath bombs are beneficent for the skin. Avocado pit oil moisturizes and nourishes. Ideal for sensitive and mature skin types.

babassu oil
The oil from the nut of the fruits of the babassu palm can be found in our nourishing hand cream. Penetrates easily, moisturizes and softens, has a cooling effect.


Calendula extract provides a beautiful complexion after sunbathing. You will find it in the vegetable glycerine calendula soap and the protective hand cream.


The extract of the chamomile flower in the protective hand cream, contains derivatives and essential oils with a calming effect on the skin.

cacao boter.jpg cocoa butter
Cocoa butter is a nourishing and healing antioxidant. And the reason why our body butters are a blessing for dry or mature skin.
dode zee wit.jpg

Dead Sea minerals
Find them in natural soap, bath salts and the bath bomb with Dead Sea minerals, in shower gel with kanuka oil, in Dead Sea mud and in the hair care products.

druivenpitolie.jpg grape seed oil
Grape seed oil enriches our oil scrubs with minerals and vitamins. They hydrate and restore the skin.
jojoba wit 3.png jojoba oil
Nourishing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory. Jojoba oil has it all. You can find it in our oil scrubs and in the bath, massage and body oil.
kanuka bloesem_0.jpg kanuka oil
The essential oil of the kanuka blossom enhances the healing effect of the Dead Sea minerals in the shower gel and shampoo.
loofah 3.jpg loofah
The dried tissue of the sponge cucumber is perfect for scrubbing. Cleanse your skin naturally with loofah products. Removes dead cells and stimulates blood flow. Nutrients will penetrate more easily. Makes the skin fresh, tight and soft.

macadamia nut butter
In the nourishing hand cream. Has a high content of oil and palm toeic acid with moisturizing, cell renewing and skin care properties.

mango boter.png

mango butter
From the kernel of the mango, rich in vitamins A and E. Retains moisture, stimulates cell renewal. In our protective hand cream that absorbs slowly and leaves the skin tight and smooth.

neroli olie.jpg

neroli oil
Tantalizing essential oil. Moisturizing skin care. Very suitable for sensitive skin. The oil has a wonderful, soothing perfume.

gotu kola.png

pennywort = gotu kola
Bubbles at Home eye serum contains Asian Pennywort, a herb with wound healing properties.


prickly pear oil
Aka “Liquid platinum”, a precious oil  with vitamine E & K and special anti-aging properties for skin, hair and nails.

saffloer.png safflower oil
The night cream contains the fine, light, yellow-golden thistle or safflower oil with vitamin E and linoleic acid. Stimulates the barrier function of the skin. Suitable for dry, sensitive skin.
karité 3.jpg shea butter
The body butters  contain this African butter that strengthens and nourishes dry, sensitive and mature skin. Occasionally available as a natural soap.
shutterstock_1436549450.jpg sulfur
This is a smelly aroma but the results with acne are magnificent. Use this natural soap consistently and with extra hydration.
zonnebloem.jpg sunflower seed oil
You will find it in the body butters and bath bombs. It softens and protects the skin and is especially suitable for oily skin and acne.
plantaardige glycerine_0.jpg vegetable glycerin
Meet the generous basis of the Bubbles at Home natural soaps! We have healing soaps, pure natural aromas and perfume fragrances for him and her.